… My life bears many seasons, wears many faces. It knows suffering and happiness. Hardships and prosperity. Anger and despair.

All I have known, I thought to be enough. I thought I could do without the unknown. Without her gracious smile.

Behold, all of creation is unworthy of MY Angel…

Born of this world, yet beauty otherworldly

Star’s wisdom, glowed from her eyes

I observed her enchanted, as she walked in grace.

To capture my gaze, eagerly she wanted

- This ailing soul of yours I will portray

So I stood stunned, as she painted in grace.

The song that mends me, alluringly she played

Kindness unfolded, sincerity she embodied

Carefully I listened, as she sang in grace.

To find my luck, I sought the Angel

Eluded the sinner, love of mine has

Damn, the soul of mine now gashed open

I wept in silence, as she fled in grace.

Oh yeh, you guessed it, I am a dog person. And so much time have I spent thinking about different species, and how they differ from humans.
What attributes, skills or personality traits do we share with other creatures.

Maybe we should mirror some species, or aspire to be more…

One person I admire the most, who inspired me to become who I am today, preached to me that she hates warfare. Conflicts that are not aimed at solving problems. The hate between people in general.

She loves nature, animals, hanging out with friends, telling stories, dancing even without sound…

Firstly I wish to state that these are my thoughts, something I dwell on. I am mainly writing to practice writing, thinking and problem-solving, for this reason, something I utter might not be understood. I do not claim these are facts nor that this applies to everything and anything. There…

For anyone wondering if programming is for you, you can read my article in which I talk briefly about how I started and why I love it. You might find your answers.

Two questions everyone considering learning software development should ask themselves.

If you’ve never written a line of code…

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