… My life bears many seasons, wears many faces. It knows suffering and happiness. Hardships and prosperity. Anger and despair.

All I have known, I thought to be enough. I thought I could do without the unknown. Without her gracious smile.

Behold, all of creation is unworthy of MY Angel, which graced me with the Lord’s light.

… Suddenly a flood of emotions, reality cracked by dreams and gasps in the night. What is this life of mine, that I’ve been living?

Cavernous hole evergrowing, left by God’s most holy, gave not only anguish but also hope.

And so I lie dying, horrified of the life lived as if it were not my own.

… Loss endured, strengthened by the pain, Stood straight I have, in search of the light, her glowing gaze.

Now strong and steady, inspired by hunger and lust. Embarked have I on the Odyssey.

But I stay the fool, for undeserving am I of her grace. The storm is brewing, and the wolf will drown.